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If you look back at the origines of twerking what would you expect to find? I for one would love to find out what started it all and even more to the point who do we have to thank for it?

It would without a doubt cause me to watch this Instagram video of Bad Bitch Jessie shaking that ass on repeat. You know what a tasty piece of ass this big booty stunner has and I doubt you’d be able to last even one full round with her working it for your pleasure.

That sure wouldn’t stop me from giving it my best shot. If I even had the chance that is, right now I am so worked up that I would settle for any ass to give me some satisfaction. How about we make the moment count, how about we challenge another big booty girl to give it all up for us as we sit back and watch. Sounds like a plan to me, so let us get out there and do it!

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